Frequently Asked Questions

We have to use a simple swab to collect sufficient amount of oral tissues and thus can analyze your DNA.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete a report.

People of any age are suitable for PSYGene test. The earlier the test, the better the life planning for future.

If parents can have the test together with their children, it will be able to adapt the parenting styles to the traits of all family members and achieve a better interaction. For instance, a father and his son both have higher scores in “innovative”when compared with the child’s mother. It suggests that father is more suitable to help develop such potential of his son, i.e. putting his creative ideas into actions.

Once completed the test, your sample will be immediately disposed according to the standard guidelines of laboratory.

Our laboratory is located in Fan Ling, Hong Kong. Furthermore, our SCS certified biotech equipment are utilized for DNA sequencing, while our highly prized Swiss partner will interpret the personality result for you.