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Based on Big Five Personality theory (OCEAN), we adopt the next-generation sequencing technology from Swiss, database of behavioral genetics along with psychological analysis of environment factors. So that the evaluation of the 14 traits can be all-inclusive and in-depth.
Probing your mind

Unlocking Your Personality

PSYGene is a personality tendency test instead of a talent test. Various other talent tests usually offer concrete guidance which may cause undesirable results if the action does not fit one’s personality traits. For instance, a report indicates strong sport talent of a kid, if he in fact prefers reading and writing than playing sports, then it will lead to a parenting disaster.

Different form other DNA personality test, PSYGene develops 14 genetic personality from Big Five OCEAN model and emphasize the importance of both nature and nurture factors. By using scientific methods, our psychologist will help follow your case and provide professional advices for your parenting styles, career as well as intimate, family and social relationships.

GERMAN psychological test assesses the influences by nurture (e.g. education and dwelling environment) on 14 personality traits.

SWISS genetic test decodes the 14 traits with next-generation biotech.

OCEAN Big Five Personality Traits

PSYGene Analytics Include

Since 1980, personality psychologists commonly agree that numerous personality traits can be classified as five main dimensions. The 14 genetic traits of PSYGene are evenly allocated in these five dimensions, deeply and comprehensively analyzing human potential qualities.

Innovative | Risk-taking

Spontaneous | Strategic

Sex driven | Social

Bon Vivant | Emotional | Self-aware

Calm | Confident | Decisive | Optimistic | 
Stress tolerant

Talent is composed of genetic information

A gene is an inherited sequence of DNA information encoded in 23 pairs of chromosomes. As stated by biomedical researchers, our talent including personality traits mostly comes from genes. A genetic test can therefore discover the secrets in your DNA.

Chromosomes and DNA

There are 23 pairs of chromosomes is located in a cell nucleus. Half of them is inherited from father and another half is inherited from mother. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the key chemical in every chromosome, as if the computer program hidden in human bodies.

Genetics and environment

Heredity is the passing of genetic traits. The genes of parents determine the innate features of children. These features will then interact with environment. That is why our behavioral tendencies which make us unique are formed by nature and nurture.

PSYGene personality analysis

With advanced technology and psychological foundation, we interpret 14 personality traits by comparing the genetic and environmental factors. Children’s potential can be fully explored.

The Prime of Character Development

What are the advantages of
analysing character earlier?

Age 0-6 is the golden developmental period of children. Understanding their genetic potential with PSYGene during this period, parents can provide them with the most suitable way of education and learning. Children can thus be more confident in academic studies, choosing career path and pursuing blissful marriage.

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Professional Consultation Services

Consultation Team

Dr. Bianca Sin-Wan HO

HK Psychological Society Reg.
Counselling Psychologist

Counselling Psychology (Master of Arts; USM, U.S.)

Educational Psychology (Doctor in Education, CUHK)

Dr. Carole Li

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology (Doctor of Psychology, HKU)

Wing-Lin Chiu

Counselling Psychologist

Master of Counselling Psychology,
University of Pittsburgh, U.S.

Virginia Li

Play Therapists

Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy

(Master of Arts in Social Work, PolyU)

Kyriakos Kokkoris


Masters of Science in Molecular and
Cell Biology from the University of Uppsala

PHD of fundamental microbiology,
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Michael Röhrig


Psychologist at, development of
psychological assessment tools and consultance,

Psychologist in a consulting center,
youth welfare in Hemer, Germany

Lorey, Chan Ka Wai

PSYGene course instructor

BA in Philosophy, CUHK